Did you know that 46% of Americans have some interest in sports betting? If you are ready to dive into sports betting yourself and are not sure which are the best sports to bet on when you’re starting out, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together this short guide to share more.

Learn more about what sports to bet on.




Football is a classic sport to bet on because it is watched around the globe. When it comes to betting, this popularity is a great thing because the odds are higher with all the competing operators. There are also a lot of promotions held when betting on football, such as the Caesars Sportsbook Sign Up Bonus.

One of the cons of betting on football is that because it’s so popular there are quite a few choices on betting, making it overwhelming to choose what to bet on.

Horse Racing


This is another betting option that offers great odds, making it extremely popular as well. One pro is that there is huge live-streaming availability. There are also plenty of unique promotions held when betting on horse racing.

A con is that in order to make a smart bet you will need to do intense research.

American Football


In American football, there is a mix of strategic depth and high-octane action. This combination makes for an exciting and enjoyable betting experience. One major benefit of betting on American football is that there is a lot of data when it comes to players and team stats.

Also, the Superbowl is one of the biggest sporting events around the world and it has a great betting combination. There are plenty of unique and interesting markets to bet on with American football. One con is that on certain European sites there is not as much coverage, so if you live in Europe it might not be as accessible to bet on American football.



Tennis is a sport that many people consider an exciting sport to bet on. There are extra things that people can bet on such as punters allowed to bet on every point, set, and game. Major events such as Wimbledon, are perfect for betting because there is live-streaming available.

One thing with tennis is that licensing rights as not as strict as with other sports, making it easier to join in on the betting.




If you are looking for a fast burst of betting excitement, basketball is it. Everything in basketball happens in a few key minutes, which is what makes betting on the NBA a great option for prop and live bets.

Also, for those that are really into the sport and love to look over stats and established players, there is plenty of data that can be used to make more informed betting decisions. One con is that due to licensing rights in the NBA, there is usually no live streaming available when it comes to betting.





Boxing betting is more common for major big-money events. The unique thing about these events is that no one ever knows when they are going to take place. When these events happen it means that there are plenty of dedicated promotions for operators that are trying to stand out against other operators.

A major pro is that there are unique betting markets for boxing. A con is that betting opportunities are not as common because, unlike sports such as football and basketball, events are scheduled randomly.



The MMA provides big events, promotional opportunities, huge fights, and competitive odds. Also, the fights are planned in advance and are scheduled, so you can bet on a more regular basis than boxing.

Bettors with experience can take time to do their homework and study players’ history and data before betting their hard-earned money. With MMA or UFC betting the bets benefit from its passionate fans. One major con is the high PPV costs.



In the countries where rugby is popular, those bettors have a major passion for the sport. There is a mix of tactics and physicality when it comes to betting on rugby, which is what makes this sport distinct from others. Whether you are a newbie betting on rugby or an experienced betting expert, there is something available for everyone to bet.

Rugby is also a high-scoring game, which equates to lots of betting opportunities. A con with betting on rugby is that live streaming is not available on all the games since it’s not as popular around the globe.



Cricket is one of those sports that is strategic and deep. Sites will allow you to select whatever type of cricket you prefer to bet on, such as Twenty20 or Test cricket. With so many creative cricket markets, you can consider the game from multiple different angles.

With cricket betting, whether you win or lose, when you bet it improves the experience of the sport. A con about cricket is that it can sometimes go on for too much time.

Do you now know the best sports to bet on?

As you can see there are quite a few options when it comes to betting on sports. With our list of the best sports to bet on, you can make an informed decision on which sports to bet on yourself.

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