Know All About Quebec Immigration To Be Prepared For Your Next Move


Quebec is a unique province in Canada. It has a different way of approaching immigrants compared to other provinces. Quebec’s immigration process prefers and targets French speakers with a better advantage than others. If you are a French speaker and want to apply for Quebec, you must go through a two-step process to get selected. These processes include selection and admission. 

The selection of the Quebec immigration program occurs within the province. But the admission happens on the national stage. If you go through the selection and admission, you can migrate to Canada with the Quebec immigration program. 

Different Programs Under Quebec Immigration

There are many programs under the immigration program of Quebec. These programs include the following:

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

The Quebec skilled worker program takes in those who fit the market needs of Quebec. If an applicant fits the job profiles, they can easily secure a position and have a good future in the province. The government of Quebec carried out different selection criteria based on health conditions, character verification, language proficiency, work experience, education, and age. 

This program is suitable for both French and non-French-speaking individuals. However, the more accurately you speak French, the higher points you will get in your assessment. To participate in this immigration program, you must send an Expression of Interest (EOI) through the Arrima portal online. 

Quebec Experience Class (PEQ)

You can apply under this program if you already stay in Quebec as a skilled worker or a graduate. If you are eligible, you can get permanent residence in the province. Upon your eligibility, you will also get a CSQ to move ahead in the process. 

Quebec Business Immigration

If you are an entrepreneur or businessman and are capable of purchasing, collaborating, or investing in a business, then you can do the same in Quebec. 

For business immigration, you can choose from the following program:

– Quebec Investor Program

If you possess the minimum net assets required with a Quebec financial intermediary’s assistance, you are eligible for the Quebec investor program. This program helps you benefit from going to Canada, settling there, and investing in a lucrative business. 

– Quebec Self-Employed Program

If you are self-employed, you can move to Quebec and have your job. You are eligible for this program if you have at least two years of experience and the needed net assets. 

– Quebec Entrepreneur Program

You can be a part of the Quebec Entrepreneur program if you have the financial capacity and the required information to take possession of or manage a business. 


Moving to Quebec can be challenging compared to other provinces. The experience is unique. But if you are facing difficulty in your application process or cannot comprehend the rules and regulations of any Quebec immigration program. In that case, you can always take assistance from a canada immigration consultant. However, you can also complete the application process, successfully get a visa, and move to Canada without a hitch.

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