Learn About Major Types Of Bakeries


If you have a sweet tooth then you must have an interest in discovering different types of bakeries. Many people are fond of bakery items such as cakes and pies. Bakeries augment people’s love for baked goods by giving them custom boxes such as custom pie boxes. 

When you are interested in something it is natural that you want to learn everything about that thing. In the same way, if you are interested in baked items then you definitely enjoy learning about different types of bakeries. This will help you select tantalizing new desserts for yourself. 

Bakeries use custom boxes, say custom printed pie boxes, to give their customers information about their baked items. Different bakeries use unique types of packaging to store their confections and to make their customers feel loved. 

In this article, we will discuss the major types of bakeries and their sub-types. 

Types Of Bakeries 

With the increase in technology, people have started showcasing their talent via different online platforms. Similarly, people have started their businesses after learning from various tutorials on online platforms.  

In addition, business promotion has become easy in the current era via online platforms. The packaging industry helped businesses by providing easy packaging solutions, like wholesale custom pie boxes, that provide full protection and presentation of baked goods. 

All the above-mentioned facilities have flourished in the bakery industry. Two major types of bakeries are elaborated below.

  • Retail 

In these bakeries, the prepared goods are directly served to the individual customers. Some of the retail bakeries may not interact directly with individual customers, however, their baked goods are directly served to the people without the intervention of any other stakeholder. 

These bakeries present their product in custom boxes, say wholesale chocolate boxes, to promote their brand and to keep their baked goods fresh. We will discuss the sub-types of retail bakeries later in this article. 

  • Wholesales

These bakeries sell their products to larger stakeholders like restaurants, cafes, retail markets, etc. As compared to retail shops these bakeries have a large production. Unlike retail bakeries, wholesale bakeries do not need to locate in high-traffic areas to sell their product. 

The stakeholders between the wholesale bakeries and the individual customers pack the bakery items into custom packaging. For instance, if the pies are being sold then they use custom pie boxes printed with their bakery’s logo to promote their shop. 

Now we will discuss the sub-types of retail bakeries. 

  • Online Bakeries

With the advancement of technology, we have seen tremendous growth in e-commerce businesses. People have learned to earn by utilizing their talent. Bakeries are no exception. 

Most customized cakes are sold via online platforms like Instagram and Facebook. You have seen the beautiful cakes and pies presented in custom pie box packaging to give them an attractive look. 

  • Employ Managed Bakeries

These are the most common and old types of bakeries. These are the small bakeries and the bakery owner manages the selling section and the counter section of the bakery. 

  • Special Service Confectionaries

In these bakeries, a particular type of product is produced. For instance, a special service bakery will preview only cakes or pies to the customers. These bakeries have at least one main item which is the trademark of their confectionary. 

  • Bakery Cafes 

Bakery cafes are the new normal these days. Now people prefer to enjoy their cupcakes in the cafes rather than getting takeaway orders. These bakeries have an aesthetic environment, where people relish their dessert while ready and drinking coffee. 

  • Bakery Trucks 

Bakery trucks are a kind of vendor that sell their homemade baked goods or confections on the streets. They sell a limited variety of cupcakes, pies, or croissants. These are also a good choice to enjoy simple desserts. 

  • Home Bakeries 

These bakeries are at the smallest or initial level of the business. Home bakeries have a very small variety of baked foods, however, you can order a specific product from home bakeries in a customized form. 


In this article, we have covered some different types of bakeries. The main two types are retail and wholesale bakeries. The middle stakeholders get baked goods from wholesale ones and pack them in their custom pie boxes to represent their brand.

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