About Brindle French Bulldogs


French Bulldogs are one of the cutest and most adorable dog breeds out there.

But it doesn’t end there!

There is another thing that makes them even more attractive and attractive, is their brindle coat.

There are some interesting facts about these unique quotes that you need to know before getting one for yourself.

Plus, I’ll cover health, grooming needs, exercise, and just about everything else you need to know about Brindle French Bulldogs.

What is a Brindle French Bulldog?

Brindle relates to a specific patterning that can appear on a Frenchie. The pattern itself is often compared to tiger stripes due to it’s alternating pattern of light and darker colors. In order for the Brindle pattern to appear a certain set of genetics need to be present this is located in the K Locus. The Brindle affect itself is a dominant trait in Frenchie’s this means it only needs to be passed on by one parent to appear in the offspring.

Due to the Brindle being a pattern rather than a Color it is possible to have the Brindle affect in a variety of colors. Also with it being a dominant gene it is not a rare sight to see a Frenchie with Brindling although some colors do mask this.

What Are the Brindle Coat Variations?

Again, genes inherited from the parents will be the deciding factor of a Frenchie’s coat. The uniqueness of the brindle color doesn’t stop at the variety of patterns. There are also several different colored brindle French Bulldogs.


The most common of brindles are predominantly dark hair with some light-colored strands.

White and Brindle

A white and brindle French Bulldog has a white or cream coat color with little patches of dark-colored hairs.

Brindle and White

While a brindle and white French Bulldog also has a white or cream coat color, they have quite a lot of dark-colored hairs, so they have a darker appearance. This breed is rarer than the white and brindle.

Seal Brindle

A seal brindle French Bulldog has a dark coat with fine white hairs. Sometimes the white hairs are so barely noticeable that a seal brindle Frenchie may appear to simply be a pure black pooch.

Blue Brindle

A blue brindle French Bulldog has a coat that’s blue/gray. Their nose is also blue/gray with a small bit of brindle striping.

Chocolate Brindle

This one is quite adorable, but aren’t they all? A chocolate brindle is a mix of brown and a milky color. These Frenchies typically have brown noses and nails and blue eyes.

Tiger Brindle

As their name says, the tiger brindle French Bulldog has a coat similar to that of a tiger. They have dark coats with white hairs that form tiger-like stripes.

While we’ve seen the brindle French Bulldog for most of the time these cute dogs have been around, there are many other French Bulldog colors, like the blue French Bulldog.

Where Does The Brindle Color Come From?

The brindled pattern comes from the genes, specifically the K-Locus gene, which is responsible for the fawn, dominant black, brindle colors.

If the Frenchie needs to have a Brindled pattern, both its parents should have a recessive K gene.

However, not every brindle pattern is the same; each one is different from one other; some may have the brindled patterns all over them while the other will have the pattern on specific areas.

Brindle French Bulldog Care and Facts

Here is everything that you need to know before you invest in a Brindle French Bulldog.


You might know that the French bulldogs are small-sized dogs, they only stand 11-13 inches tall, and both males and females weigh 28 pounds (12kg) on average.


When it comes to grooming a Frenchie, it is one of the easiest dog breeds to do so mainly because of its short fine hair.

If you want your Frenchies coat to look the part, you will have to bathe him 4to5 times every year, brush them with a stripping comb outside, and grooming mitt regularly.

If you’re concerned about shedding, forget it!!

One of the best things about the French Bulldogs is they don’t shed often.


French Bulldogs are very social dogs and will get along with people, children, and even other pets very quickly.

They’re also considered as an intelligent dog breed and lovable companions out there.

Training and Exercise

Frenchies are considered to be stubborn and challenging to train, so you may have to train them earlier. Nowadays online programs like Doggy Dan dog training helps to train any dogs at home.

Brindle French Bulldogs are prone to gaining unhealthy weight, so exercising an hour every day is crucial; also, keep in mind that these breeds are prone to obstructive airway syndrome, so avoid exercising in warmer climates, because it might lead to difficulty breathing.

Also, avoid spending much time in the hot sun; this might cause skin burns.


A good meal is essential to a Brindle Frenchie mainly because it keeps their coat in perfect shape.

Meals that include ingredients like Water, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Minerals, Meat Fat, Oat, and Oils are great for this pooch.

While serving water, make sure it’s clean, basically freshwater. Also, if the franchise is still a puppy, they might eat more than their adults, so avoid overfeeding them.


Brindle French Bulldogs are not short of complicated health problems, and not just one or two; there is a long list of potential health problems that can affect a Frenchie.


Even though there’s a lot to consider before buying a Brindle French Bulldog, there is no doubt that the breed will be a perfect loving canine companion for you and your family; due to their low maintenance and friendliness, this breed will be a joy for you to have in the coming years.

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