The Best Lead Capture Tools You Should Be Utilizing in 2023


The global lead capture software market was valued at $2.39 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.7%. Each firm that is expanding has to generate leads. You won’t have customers for your product if you don’t have incoming leads.

There are lead-collecting technologies available that can help your company. Lead generation will always be important to the expansion of any company. The more promotions and marketing initiatives there are, the more each brand competes with its rivals.

It might lead to organizations and marketers feeling like they’re chasing the tail. But what if there was a method to end the sense that you were constantly chasing after your rivals? One aspect of business growth is keeping a powerful marketing strategy in place.

Continue reading to learn about the best lead capture tools to use in 2023.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

It is free to use and has a plethora of lead capture tools that make it easy to capture, store, and generate leads, including:

  • Forms
  • Forms that pop up
  • Live Help
  • Chatbot

It combines with HubSpot’s free CRM, or you can merge it with your chosen CRM, email tool, or customer data medium. You can use the mass mailer to solve the same problem for customers when creating signup form in salesforce.


Intercom is intended as another product with many components and uses cases. You can use their on-site messaging with on-site visitors and collect their information. You can study their on-site or in-app behavior and create messages to help with onboarding, support, and retention.

They also have a help desk and knowledge base to support current customers.


MobileMonkey helps with lead capture, lead qualification, and lead nurturing. It unifies client support chats in one inbox. Mobile Monkey offers a code-free option to box templates.


HotJar is a customer experience analytics platform that includes various useful tools. They’re one of my go-to conversion optimization research solutions. Among their features are the following:

  • Form Analytics
  • On-site polls
  • Heat maps
  • Session replays

On-site polls can double up as conversion points.


Zuko captures the tool, yet it aids in lead-generating form optimization. They deal with almost all forms, and their reports contain the following:

  • Form Overview
  • Field Drop-Off Report
  • Most Corrected Field
  • Real-Time Report
  • Completion Time
  • Problem Fields Report
  • Fields Before Submission
  • Field Times Report

You can also segment reports. The tool also offers suggestions and pointers on how to make your forms.


No matter which forms or lead capture tool you choose, Clearbit has a use case for lead generation. They enable you to improve the details, saving you from filling out a form with every piece of information you need.

Effective Ways to Boost Lead Capture in 2023

In conclusion, using lead-capturing technologies will help you expand your company in 2023. You can develop lead capture software and enhance bottom-line results by using tools. Lead generation is more than getting people to visit your site.

It’s also about collecting their information and communicating with loyal clients. Start building your lead capture toolkit today and take your business to the next level.

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