Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring an Auto Transport Service


Are you looking to move a car to another city? Or maybe you just bought a used car online and want someone to deliver it to your home?

Hiring an auto transport service can be your best bet when you need to move a long distance. However, mistakes are often made in auto transport services, and you pay more or delay your car shipment.

But what are these common mistakes you need to avoid?

Keep reading for some of the most common mistakes people make when hiring an auto transport service.

Not Doing Your Research Thoroughly

Not researching properly can lead to choosing subpar services that offer unreliable pick-up and delivery times. And as well as inadequate customer service.

Make sure to ask questions on auto transport timelines and read reviews prior to deciding on a company. When ready to book, do not pay upfront fees or deposits before getting written confirmation of the services and estimated delivery times. 

Check potential complaints about the company from the Better Business Bureau. Choosing the wrong service can cost you time and money.

Failure to Review the Terms and Conditions

Failing to review an auto transport service’s terms and conditions before signing a contract can have disastrous consequences. You may be agreeing to unreasonably high fees without understanding the agreement.

Or other conditions that are unfavorable to you. There may be hidden fees only revealed in terms of the agreement.

It is essential to take an hour or so to read all of the conditions of the agreement and to ask questions if anything is unclear. Be sure to ask if there is a cancelation policy and find out what liability the auto transport service carries if something goes wrong during shipment. 

Not Verifying Carrier’s Insurance 

When hiring an auto transport service, the carrier’s insurance is one of the most important aspects to verify. Ask for a copy of the company’s auto transport insurance certificates and policy number.

This ensures the company has valid, up-to-date coverage. Not properly insured companies may not provide monetary compensation if your vehicle is damaged during transport.

Ensure the coverage is comprehensive, not just liability. Additionally, check the coverage limits and ensure it is sufficient for the value of your vehicle.

Don’t settle for lesser coverage because it will be void in the event of a claim for damage or a lost vehicle. Finally, verify whether or not the carrier has Contingent Cargo coverage in addition to the primary insurance policy. 

Not Comparing Shipping Costs

Depending on the route and other factors, shipping costs vary widely between providers and even on the same provider. Consulting multiple providers to evaluate their respective auto transport service costs can go a long way.

It will help you choose your car shipping quotes and get the best value for transport. Ultimately, investing the time and energy to compare shipping costs will help to ensure the best deal when hiring an auto transport service.

Choosing Auto Transport Service Carefully

Overall, it is essential to research and ask the right questions when looking for an auto transport service. Check reviews, compare quotes, and ask about insurance coverage.

By following these tips, you can avoid common mistakes and confidently hire a reputable, reliable auto transport service. Get started today!

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