How to Be Stylish: A Complete Guide for Men


They say every girl’s crazy about a sharp-dressed man—but how exactly do you dress sharply?

As a man, you want to look stylish in everything you do, channeling your inner Brad Pitt or James Bond. But knowing how to be stylish doesn’t always come easy, especially if you don’t know much about fashion.

Don’t worry though, as it’s something anyone can learn! To find out more, keep reading to find our complete style guide for men, designed to help you look like you just stepped out of a fashion magazine.

Work Out What Styles Work for You

When it comes to men’s fashion, know that not everyone can pull off each style and trend—which is ok! Stylish men look great because they know how to dress to suit their body type.

For example, very tall men might not love the ankle-length trouser look, since long legs can mean these pants sit too far above the ankles and look too short. Or, short, stocky men might not like to wear stripes, as horizontal stripes can create the appearance of a larger midsection.

One of our top fashion tips is to work out which types of clothing best suits your figure, as this will also save you plenty of time when you go shopping.

Make Friends With a Tailor

To look your best, your clothes need to fit properly! For this reason, it helps to find a tailor who can make alterations or changes to your clothing, particularly suits and blazers.

A decent tailor doesn’t need to cost a fortune, but they can make a huge difference when it comes to how your clothes fit. Shortening hems or taking in jackets at the waist mean they’ll look better on you and the clothing will also help highlight your best features.

Plus, if your clothes fit you beautifully, this will do wonders for your confidence.

Most menswear shops can recommend a local tailor. Otherwise, asking stylish friends or colleagues for a referral never hurts.

Invest in Pieces That Suit Your Lifestyle

Clothes make the man, so be sure to purchase clothes that suit your lifestyle. For example, if you’re looking to amp up your street style, you can’t go wrong with brands like Supreme, Nike, or Yeezy—we can’t get enough of the Yeezy 500.

Or, if you’ve just had a promotion at work and want to look the part, you’ll need a few tailored suits, stylish work button-downs, and a few elegant ties.

Don’t Neglect Accessories

Looking stylish isn’t just about your clothes—it’s also about having the right accessories for any look. Accessories pull together your look and give it a polished, eye-catching finish, so it’s worth investing in a few timeless pieces like a watch, leather jacket, and dress shoes.

Shopping for a watch can be tricky since they’re not cheap. Whether you go automatic or mechanical, the key is to find a stylish watch you love that suits your lifestyle.

A well-built watch will last for many decades, so the cost per wear is low.

Shoes are another important accessory, so always be sure to have the right shoes for each occasion. If you’re just building up your wardrobe, start with a dressy pair of loafers for the office and something more casual for weekend wear.

Jackets and coats are other key accessories to think about. The right outerwear depends on your personal preferences and your climate, but you can’t go wrong with a trenchcoat, a sleek black leather jacket, or even a denim jacket.

Avoid Renting Formal Wear

Do you have a special occasion coming up? If so, many men are tempted to rent a suit from a formal wear company—but we advise against this.

Most rental suits aren’t going to fit properly since they aren’t tailored. They also tend to be made of cheaper fabrics, which means they won’t be as flattering.

If your budget allows, purchase a tuxedo or suit will always look much better on you than a rental.

Start With Classic Pieces

Ready to start shopping? If so, you might want to start by investing in a few classic pieces that you can wear for years to come.

You can’t go wrong with a navy or grey suit, v-neck sweaters, wayfarer or aviator sunglasses, and a white dress shirt. When shopping, it’s best to avoid super-trendy pieces, since they’ll be out of fashion by next year.

Instead, go for timeless pieces that will look amazing tomorrow or five years from now.

If you feel overwhelmed by what to buy, you might want to work with a personal shopping service. They’ll pair you up with a stylist who will select amazing and stylish pieces for your wardrobe.

Learn How to Be Stylish With This Guide

Figuring out how to be stylish doesn’t need to be difficult, thanks to the help of this article! Use the tips above to start thinking about your personal style, then shop for clothes and accessories that you’ll love.

Remember, style isn’t just about clothes—it’s all about personality, confidence, and swagger! If you love how you look and you’re confident in yourself, it’s going to make a huge difference, whether you’re on a first date or preparing for a big work meeting.

Get started today by curating a more stylish, hip wardrobe!

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