Sage Green House With Black Trim- This is The New Standard of Interior Design


Sage Green House with black trim is the new standard of interior design, now that it has been used in the home of the U.S. President. It’s not a coincidence that the home of the world’s first lady and the White House is designed a

Sage Green House With Black Trim is the most stylish, modern and elegant green home design. The house has a contemporary yet sophisticated look. It is simple yet smart with a clean and modern interior design.

Here’s a look at the new standard of home design — it’s green, eco-friendly and has a black trim, according to interior designer and decorator, Sage Green House With Black Trim.

This is the home of one of the most renowned designers in the country, Mr. John Gaughan, who has designed the interiors for many celebrities and famous personalities. This house has a sophisticated style with a modern twist.

Modern and beautiful at the same time

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