Kirill Bichutsky’s Parents And How They Raised A Creative Genius


This is a story of a mother and her son who went through different challenges. From the very beginning the boy was always in trouble at school because of his parents. But with the help of the school he overcame all his problems and became a great creative. This is a true story which I have found while researching my book “Fantastic Tales About Creativity”

Kirill Bichutsky is a Russian artist born in Moscow in 1976. He is well known for his amazing, colorful paintings of animals and nature, which he often combines with some sort of fantasy element. In this interview, we sit down with his parents to learn more about Kirill’s childhood and what it was like to raise a creative genius.

Kirill was born in Russia in 1990. His father was an artist, and his mother was a doctor. Their family always tried to create art, and it was the first thing they did together.

Who was Kirill Bichutsky’s mother?

Kirill Bichutsky, the Russian artist, lived in Switzerland since he was very young. He was born in Moscow but was brought up in Geneva where his parents worked at the United Nations. They moved back to Russia after he finished school. The painter’s father died during Kirill’s childhood, and his mother married again when Kirill was

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 What kind of person was Kirill Bich

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Kirill Bich (b. 1969) is a Russian photographer and a pioneer of digital photography.

Kirill Bich’s work is a true masterpiece. Born in Russia, Kirill worked as an illustrator, cartoonist and graphic designer before starting his own company. He is most famous for his “What kind of person am I?” series.

How parents could influence on their childrens creativity

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 Kirill Bichutsky parents and education

The Kirill Bichutsky website contains educational information on the background of Kirill’s parents, as well as some information about the educational system in Russia. There is also a blog about the life of a typical Russian student.

Kirill Bichutsky is a well-known author of educational books for children and teenagers. He is also a teacher in Moscow, Russia. We want to introduce the work of this talented author in our blog!

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The Kirill Bichutsky parents and education blog is aimed at parents and educators who want to know more about the life of their child, as well as about how to improve the educational process.

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