Why My Yorkie’s Tail Never Gets Longer!


My Yorkie’s tail never gets longer. How can I get it to grow longer? This article provides information about the reason why Yorkie tails never grow very long.

My Yorkie loves to wag her tail! But this tail seems to grow and grow each time I look at it. She also seems to get a bit irritated with me whenever I ask her to stop. I have even tried clipping her tail in the past to see if that would solve the problem. However, as soon as I take off the clippers, she seems

The reason why my yorkie’s tail never gets longer is because his tail never grows longer than the rest of his body. He just can’t do it!

In this post, we will review the reasons why Yorkies have very short tails and what you can do about it. We will also give tips and advice on how to stop your Yorkie from losing his tail.

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